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Beth DeSombre: Blog

Song School Performance 2015

Posted on August 13, 2015
A quick post about my open stage performance at song school. There are 180 students here and not enough performance slots for the nightly open stage for everyone so getting in is a lottery. This year I didn’t make it in initially, but I was second on the waitlist, and as people with second thoughts withdrew they filled slots. So ended up with one Wednesday night.
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Authority in Songwriting

Posted on August 12, 2015
If I had a major (or maybe an advisor) at Song School this year, it would be Richard Shindell. He’s one of the guest songwriting instructors this year, and he also taught a guitar accompaniment workshop today, and I’ve taken three classes with him so far in two days of Song School.
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Making a Wholehearted Music Career

Posted on August 11, 2015
I’m back at the Rocky Mountain Song School. There’s something magical about this place; I arrived and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I suspect there will be a bunch of blog posts as I try to process, and hang onto, everything I’m learning here.
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NERFA 2014 Workshop #2: Crowdfunding

Posted on November 18, 2014
In the second workshop session at NERFA this year I chose the one on crowdfunding. As I contemplate making my next CD, I wanted to do some thinking about whether something like a kickstarter campaign would make sense. I certainly came out of the workshop seeing some real advantages to doing it.
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I’m at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) conference. I’m sure I’ll post more existential thoughts on this conference and where I am in my folk career, but for now, I’m going to do my standard reporting on workshops I’ve been to at the conference. In the first panel slot I was interested in four of the panels and ended up going to two (so, no, although a panel on humor and booking would perhaps be useful – and the best way to handle booking – they were actually two separate workshops.
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