From the recording When I Leave This Place


When I Leave This Place

When I leave this place, let me go without complaint
Though it’s hard, when dispossessed, to show restraint
I might prefer to disagree
For here is where I long to be
But there’s so much we can’t foresee, whether sinner, sage, or saint

When I leave this place, let it be without regret
Though aware of what I’ve not accomplished yet
For if with every passing day
I’ve tried my hardest come what may
The work I’ve done will pave the way for others I’ve not met

When I reach the final border
Gather my courage and move on
Knowing there’s no way I can prepare
Trouble and trials almost over
Sorrow and suffering soon be gone
In the meantime listen to my prayer

When I leave this place, let me journey without fear
Though the comforts I’ve enjoyed might disappear
I may not know what’s to be found
Departing from familiar ground
But it could be that where I’m bound is as glorious as here

© Beth DeSombre 2007