My time on earth was over
And I heard that trumpet sound
When that chariot came for to carry me home
Here is the glory I found

Mandolins for Scientologists
Hare Krishnas playing bass
A cacophony of consonance
Gathered in one holy place
The afterlife they’d prayed about
And their chosen promised land
Was only a rehearsal for
A pan-religious bluegrass band

Episcopalians picking banjo
While the Baptists fiddled low
All the Lutherans learning dobro
Kept the Catholics’ guitar slow
And no matter how they worshipped
Or the Kingdom that they planned
They’re all gathered here together in
A pan-religious bluegrass band

Athiests and nonbelievers
Choosing chords and keys and meter
Turns out they’re the faithful leaders
Of this blessed band

I saw Muslims playing mouth harp
On the songs that Buddhists knew
With the rhythm section held down by
The Mormons, Jains and Jews
I guess there really is a heaven
Given by divine command
It’s eternity in harmony
A pan-religious bluegrass band
Eternity in harmony
A pan-religious bluegrass band

© Beth DeSombre