From the recording Take Me To Tallahassee


Take Me To Tallahassee

Take me to Tallahassee
Where southern breezes blow
Just let the rat race pass me by
I’ll learn to take it slow
I’ll toast the Seminoles
With barbeque and beer
I’d go to Tallahassee
Anywhere but here

Just send me to Savannah
That’s where I want to be
I’ll have some biscuits and a
Plate of grits and unsweet tea
I’ll can some peaches
And I’ll take it as it goes
If I were in Savannah
You would never know

Asheville, Galveston
Ashtabula, Tuscaloosa
Maybe in a warmer climate
I could thaw this frozen heart

But here I sit in Boston
Not sure where we went wrong
Choices made and chances lost
And silences gone on too long
If I move elsewhere
I could start my life anew
But if I stay in Boston
I’ll be choosing you

© Beth DeSombre