1. 03 Heredity

From the recording Holding the Threads

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I have my father’s ears
They’re big and they stick out
And both of us got teased for them
In our early childhood years
But he could hear a melody
And memorize it right away
When he was at a gathering
He’d listen to what others say
And though I’m sure I’ll lose my hearing
As his dulls and disappears
I’m glad I have my father’s ears

I have my grandma’s hands
They’re tiny and they’re bony
We’re terrible at opening jars
And in the rain our joints expand
But she’d use her dexterity
To make the loveliest designs
And she could hold on tightly
To the people others left behind
And though for both of us arthritis
Interfered with our best plans
I’m glad I have my grandma’s hands

And then there are my blue gray eyes
We can’t find them our family tree
Until I learned about recessive genes
I feared for my heredity

I have my mother’s mind
Intricate and stubborn
Our determined focus can
To others, sometimes, seem unkind
But she remembers characters and plots
From every book she’s read
And we both spend our time preventing problems
We foresee ahead
And though I fear a fading memory
As her thoughts get misaligned
I’m glad I have my mother’s mind

© Beth DeSombre 2024